Our interior design services are both broad and flexible. In fact we offer as much or as little as you need for your project – from total design to simply refreshing a room.

turnkey solutions

C2S boasts of a team of experience project managers & Supervisors who have a track record of delivering complex turnkey solutions . A thorough understanding of Design, Execution and Services makes C2S a successful beginner in Turnkey Solutions market.

Our Design Team specializes in complete Design and Build solutions for corporate offices as well as residential spaces . A systematic approach towards your requirements including site surveys and recommendations makes sure that you get the space as you require.

A specialized team for complete site executions along with resident engineers and electricians for all electrical implementations backup adds to our Turnkey Solutions.

Our services team liaises with all the leading brands in Electrical equipments as well as HVAC, to provide you with a range of products to choose from.

Our Management team is vastly experienced in planning and tracking interior fit-outs. Our Purchase team liaises with quality vendors to provide you with best in class materials.

C2S understands MEP services and Office Furniture; this gives it an added advantage when it comes to project co-ordination activity and value-add to the Architects and PMC involved.

interior architecture

Traditionally an architect would build an interior framework and the interior designer would then be employed to fit and furnish it. As these days structure is regarded as an integral part of interior decoration we at C2S interiors believe it is more cost effective if we are involved at an early stage of a project. Our activities range from evaluating and reconfiguring space, to aspects of engineering, lighting design and choosing materials for walls and flooring. The aim is to help you to get the most effective use of your existing or planned home.

interior decoration

We provide complete design solutions for your home – wherever it may be. Whatever the scope of your project – a complete refurbishment or just to give a fresh look to a room – we’ll make sure that you end up with a stylish and comfortable home interior that is sympathetic to the way you live and use your home.


Apart from our comprehensive interior design services, our team is able to assist you with interior design ideas – if that is all you want. Whether it’s establishing the layout for a new house and garden, getting some ideas for furniture and fittings or tweaking an existing scheme; our consultancy service is a great way of getting professional advice at any stage of your project and regardless of your budget. Consultations start from one hour.

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